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What should NOT pack for Maldives

I guess my previous article about Must pack list for Maldives wouldn’t be complete unless I tell what should not pack for Maldives.
According to history, Maldives embraced Islam in 1153 AD, since then Maldives is a 100% Sunni Muslim country. There are different versions of folklore associated with this historical event and I will share you the most famous one.
It was believed that Maldivians were haunted then by a fierce demon called “Rannamaari” who came out of the sea once a month and threatened the islanders to destroy the island and its people unless they sacrificed a beautiful local girl. This unfortunate girl was chosen by a lot and she has to stay in a temple near the beach to be raped and killed.
During these times a Moroccan traveller, an Islamic scholar, Abul Barakaath Yoosuf Al Barbary visited the Maldives and the daughter of the house where he was staying was selected to be the girl to present in the temple on that month. The entire family along with the rest of the islanders were sad as usual, so he volunteered to save the girl and dressed just like her and spent the night in the temple reciting Holy Quran. In the morning as usual the islanders gathered to the temple to see the fate of the girl were amazed to see him live and continuously reciting Holy Quran. The people along with the then king accepted then and there, the demon was defeated by the power of Holy Quran, therefore he embrace Islam and ordered all to follow the principles of Islam.
Since then Maldives remains as a Muslim country where certain things are illegal or prohibited to import. In this article I will highlight the main items which you should not pack for Maldives
Please do not purchase any liquor or alcoholic products on your flight or duty free shops while en route to the Maldives. Your items definitely will be confiscated upon arrival by custom staff. Though you can’t import it, you will get branded alcoholic beverages and international cocktails in your resorts.
Eating pork in Islam is forbidden and therefore pork too remains as an illegal product to import to Maldives. However just like liquor you will get pork and its by-products in your resorts as much as you want.
According to Maldivian laws the aforementioned can only be imported by the Maldives National Defence Force under a special license by the government. So please don’t attempt to import any of such things as it will be confiscated on arrival by the custom officials and you will end up in jail
Importing of such for personal or any other purpose will end up in jail as the penalty is life imprisonment.
That includes sex toys, books, magazines, films, DVDs
Please respect the culture and the religion of Maldives while visiting and refrain packing any religious books, magazines or software which promotes other religions than Islam
Idols for worshipping is strictly prohibited and will not be allowed in Maldives

(Remember to Pack your camera to capture your moments. preferably underwater camera GoPro HERO )
Just like above there are few things you are prohibited to do in Maldives that includes collecting and fishing, Giant clams, Black corals, turtles, small lobsters, dolphins, whales, whale sharks, napoleon wrasses.
As mentioned before Maldives is a Sunni Muslim country with a fragile environment and expects visitors to have due respect for their religion and environment.

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What you need to pack on your holiday to Maldives

Many people get nervous when it comes to packing for Maldives. Maldives is a tropical island nation in the Indian ocean consists of 1190 low-lying islands with highest point roughly about 6 feet from sea level. However all the islands are naturally protected by a fabulous marine fauna- rich reef which stretches around every island. Out of this about 112 islands are exclusively developed for tourist resorts. 

Unlike city hotels there are no local grocery shops or big shopping malls in the resort island. This makes tourists to wonder what to pack for their holiday.

Here are few suggestions of “must pack” items apart from the light clothing, flip-flops and cosmetics. Though you get 30 kg luggage allowance from international flights, please keep in mind you would be getting 25 kg (20 kg/luggage allowance and 5 kg for hand luggage) in sea plane, if you are taking sea plane transfer to your resort.

 Sunblock / after sun
Maldives enjoys a constant temperature which varies from 29 to 34 degree Celsius and you will be under this hot fierce sun all day. Therefore your skin needs protection from its rays.

Sun glass
Same as sun block this a necessity to protect your eyes from the strong sun rays

Mosquito replant
Just like any other tropical (hot and humid) areas, Maldives too is not an exception when it comes to mosquitoes. Most of the resorts and local islands they do fumigate against mosquitoes however its recommended to bring your own replant.
Snorkelling gears
Though you could hire snorkelling equipment from the resort its much better to pack your own, maybe its cheap for you.

Flash light
Its fun to stroll in the night on the peer or on the white sandy beach trying to find unique fishes near the peer or small crabs strolling around the beach. Its also important on your way back to your villa as the path ways are mostly not well lit.

Underwater camera
Be always ready to capture your moments as Maldives is one of the best place to photograph the marine life.

It’s a beach holiday and you need lots of reading materials/music

I hope this article will clarify all the questions which comes up to your mind when it comes to packing for Maldives

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Maldives is most famous as honeymoon paradise, but family holidays are also very common in Maldives. Some of the resorts are equipped with facilities to take care of your young ones. Parents can leave them at the kids-club and enjoy the Maldives holidays. Kids clubs are equipped with various toys and play grounds. Of cause, an attendant would be there. Family friendly resorts offer kids menu in different restaurants. Some resorts are very flexible and love to take good care of your kids while you enjoy your Maldives holiday. Exciting excursions are organized by the resort.

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With 99% of its region being ocean, the Maldives is one of the world's driving water sports center points with its condition of islands and turquoise blue waters framing the ideal blend for a characteristic water sports field. 

Not every one of the hotels support mechanized water sports like stream skiing due to the contamination and clamor unsettling influence to the peacefulness of the retreat. 

A portion of the mainstream rushes to be had from experience water sports are recorded here.


The Maldives is abnormal as a vacation goal in view of the fun activities whether you are remaining on a rich retreat, in Male', or in a basic guesthouse on an island in a faraway atoll. 

Trips will incorporate angling and cruising just as visits to the capital, Male', and to truly left islands, maybe for swimming and an excursion, and shopping campaigns to neighboring possessed islands. 

In the event that you remain in a guesthouse on a possessed island, you will get the opportunity to meet Maldivians, experience neighborhood culture and cooking, and participate in what the islanders accomplish for unwinding, for example, playing football in the late evening or unwinding over a soda pop and eating "Short eats" in a shoreline bistro.


A fusion of local and international tastes, Biyadhoo Island Resort offers a variety of cuisine to indulge during your stay on the island. Whether enjoying a meal in the lively Palm Restaurant or sipping a drink at the relaxing Coconut Bar, the dining options on the island reflect the taste of Maldives.

Palm Restaurant 1

Palm Restaurant 2

Coconut Bar 1

Coconut Bar 2

Palm Restaurant 3

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Mixing an all encompassing mending approach with normal fixings, Aavun Spa at Biyadhoo Island Resort expects to improve well being during your stay in Maldives. With a lofty Banyan tree canopying this calming space, talented advisors offer an assortment of customs to loosen up the body and soul. Aside from mark customs utilizing seashells and unadulterated coconut oil, Aavun Spa offers a dash of Asian propelled medicines with Abhyanga, Balinese, Thai and Kativasthi kneads. For those looking for the exemplary European touch, enjoy a Swedish or Deep Tissue back rub to improve muscle tone and blood flow. Concentrating on self-recharging, Aavun Spa likewise offers shedding body cleans with Javanese impacts, cooling foods grown from the ground body wraps and arousing characteristic facial medicines. At Aavun Spa, Zen is a method for being.
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